Historic Howell Ranch

Established 1861


Semen is now available on the following Lone Star Angus AI sires:


LONE STAR TEN FOLD L359 is an exceptional individual that exemplifies what our goals are at Lone Star Angus. With a spread from BW EPD of +.2 to a YW EPD of +128, he offers true calving ease and extraordinary growth. This moderate framed bull has large testicles and a great disposition. We walked him around for over a hour taking pictures went in the house to view the pictures then spent another hour taking pictures, his demeanor never changed. A true gentleman. A CW EPD of 61, coupled with a YH EPD of +.2 show the amount of muscle TEN FOLD packs onto a frame that is the right size. His dam, E755, is a flush sister to Advantage whose offspring have always excelled and has a picture perfect udder at age eight. Marb EPD of +1.33 and $B of +140.67 also add to his appeal. We feel that calving ease, growth, carcass merit, longevity and maternal greatness are in this bull. You rarely raise a bull that there is nothing you would want to change but TEN FOLD is that animal. He is wide based and moves very well with great feet and legs. Square in the hips, smooth in the shoulders, fills his tracks perfectly when he walks and is long fronted with a nice Angus head. The bull is fun to look at.

Selling 1/2 Semen interest and no Possession - Leased to ORIgen